Enlighten Nutraceuticals

Premium Quality Persian Saffron
Grade One (Highest)

Two Formats: #1 Negin/NIS Long Thread,  Saffron Liquid

Pure, authentic, trusted, guaranteed.

Direct from the original source, no intermediaries. Over 3000 years of cultivation and culture

All red, long thread, highest quality saffron grades.
Industry leading, quality liquid saffron

Innovative, protective packaging.

Canadian Chaga – CC

Wild Harvested
All Natural, Quality

Sourced in pristine, Canadian Boreal Birch forests

Hand selected, harvested sustainably from mature trees

Processed through a proprietary, gentle non-toxic extraction methodology for a distinctive, fully soluble product.

A unique blend of Canadian Chaga and Maple Syrup. Distinctive notes of vanillin and maple.

Taste the Difference!

6 Inseng

Premium 6 year  Korean Ginseng
Geumsan “Goryeo”

Red Ginseng blended with Black Ginseng – Geumheuk

Premium 6 year old, authentic Geumsan Ginseng

Red Ginseng (2X) cycles steamed and dried, to increase saponins.
Blended with

Black Ginseng Nine(9X) cycles processed, to maximize key saponins Rg1, Rg3, Rb1, Rk1,Rg5

Convenient, individual servings